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Pyrite Problems

Fissure Fonda-Tech

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Pyrite Removal in St-Eustache & surrounding area

Do you have a pyrite problem? Fissure Fonda-Tech Inc. can help! With our extensive experience in the field, we can handle any pyrite decontamination project in the Laurentians. Before we proceed with the work, you will need to consult an expert for a pyrite test to determine the amount of pyrite under your concrete slab.

The problem is caused when the pyrite in the foundation backfill swells up, causing the basement or garage floor to heave and crack. Sometimes the damage also affects foundation walls, causing large cracks. The fill used in the basement can be the same as that used in the garage, or of different quality. You can’t predict whether there is damage to the basement simply because there is damage to the garage.

The swelling naturally causes the slab to heave. Cross or star-shape cracks then appear. There is a chemical reaction that creates gypsum, which is the white powder you see around the crack. Note that in some cases the floor becomes uneven and can be higher on one side of the crack than the other.

Pyrite Decontamination

Such heaving can cause structural damage to the building. It is important to consult professionals such as Fissure Fonda-Tech Inc. Call today for more information.

As soon as you receive the lab test results, we will be able to provide an estimate of costs for decontamination.

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